Bongani Robusto


Bongani Cigars are from Manica Province, Mozambique.


Bongani is the first African cigar brand.

Bongani Cigars from Mozambique.

Bongani is the first African cigar brand. The word Bongani means “Be Grateful”. Be grateful for life, family and friends. Be grateful for Africa, her people and resources.

The brand’s tobacco is grown in Manica Province, Mozambique. The wrappers are sourced from Cameroon, and the finished product is rolled and age in cedar from Ghana. “It doesn’t get more African than this”.

*Note: Please read about Cigar Sales before making a decision to purchase.


タバコはマニカ州で栽培されており、ラッパーはカメルーンから供給されています。その後、葉巻は巻かれ、ガーナ産の杉で熟成されます。 「これ以上アフリカになることはありません」。




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