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A Beginner’s Guide To Good Beer

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

“This Ain’t The Beer That You’re Used To” …is a beginner’s guide that is told from a unique perspective. Dooch does a good job presenting introductions to various beer styles and sharing stories from his personal life that make this guide easy to comprehend and relate to. No doubt many people, particularly people of color, have been in similar situations in the beer industry.

Although I now focus on all alcoholic beverages, I can personally relate to some of the stories and opinions shared. As I read this short book, I often nodded or smiled to myself in agreement. “Yup, I remember that one time” or “Matter of fact, that just happened to me yesterday!” Hopefully, Dooch is already considering a second volume that might include interviews with other beer professionals.

Overall, this book makes for a great intro to beer for all beginners, especially the intended audience. I too hope to see more black and brown people take the time to learn about and eventually grow to appreciate good beer. Bravo, bro! You’re off to a great start!

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