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Brew Dreams During Quarantine

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Is anyone else tired of COVID, already? I know I am! Like me, many people are turning to online opportunities and DIY projects to stay occupied and remain positive during the global pandemic. Now is a great time for us to finesse our skills or pick up a quarantine hobby. If you are like us, you may consider using this time to learn something new and exciting. How about learning how to home-brew? Indeed, it is an extremely popular past time. However, we understand that some of the concepts of home-brewing can be confusing. If so, don’t fret, we will cover the basics in this post. In the end, hopefully we will be able to shed some light and introduce you to an interesting opportunity. One that will help you realize your brew dreams during quarantine.

First, a Little Bit of History

The practice of brewing beer, mead and ciders on a non-commercial scale is often referred to as homebrewing. The concept of homebrewing is not a new one, though. Alcohol was traditionally brewed with some rudimentary methods at a domestic level, and eventually evolved as it became a valuable trade commodity. As a result, global demand for a variety of beverages increased. Accordingly, people around the world indulged in homebrewing for personal as well as commercial purposes. A major factor for this growth was the realization that homebrewing allowed the individual to avoid the higher cost of purchasing and transporting beverages.

Home-brewing makes production (and consumption) of such beverages affordable since it does not require expensive machinery. Likewise, brewing can be done fairly easily with relatively minimal skills. It is often said that “if you can make mac and cheese from a box, you can make beer”. Due to this correlative ease, brew connoisseurs are able to tweak the recipe according to their needs and specific tastes. As evident with the craft beer boom, we see many different styles, as brewers dial in beverages according to their liking.

And, since distilled spirits begin with the same processes, the methods used to homebrew tend to excite more than a handful of beverage lovers. People are flocking to pick up the hobby to past time or to learn more about their favorite styles. Likewise, since the process may be time consuming, it becomes a challenge that is highly rewarding when completed successfully. Moreover, because it is possible to brew beverages at a domestic level using basic household equipment, it makes it even more attractive to attempt at least once. You can even brew in your own kitchen, garage or back yard.

Store Bought Home-brewing Kits

Although a wide variety of methods related to home-brewing are available, all of them are highly related. The simplest way to begin with home-brewing is using home kits, which are readily available. These kits include all the equipment necessary to complete the process, many even come with packets of the required malt extracts. Speaking of which, let’s get down to the basics. The basic process includes preparing the grains, boiling grains to produce wort, cooling the wort, and then fermentation by adding yeast. The final steps after fermentation are bottling and enjoying your newly concocted brew!

While this is an over-simplified explanation of the entire process, our goal here is to outline the basics just to give you an idea of how easy it can be. Once you get the processes down, you can see how easy it can be to experiment with different grains during the boiling phase, or different species of yeast during the fermentation phase. The combinations are essentially endless.

If you’re a beer enthusiast who is tired of being cooped up, consider pursuing your brew dreams during quarantine. Home-brewing could become a fun activity for the family to gather around on the porch or balcony.

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