Cheers to Good Health! eBook


Cheers To Good Health! An eBook uncovering the similarities of “snake wine” and habu-shu.

This eBook is about snake wine, also well-known as habu-shu (or habu sake) in Okinawa. To help explain how Cheers To Good Health! came about, the following is an excert from the Introduction section:

The purpose of this eBook is to organize my internal thoughts on the global trade in alcoholic beverages. Specifically, the “snake wines” found throughout Asia have piqued my interest to epic levels. I often wondered about snake wine, and in particular why it continues to be produced and its similarities within the region. Portions of these thoughts have spilled over into a blog post on my business website. However, I wanted to dive a bit deeper for this project by first considering the history of East Asian distilled spirits. Indeed, such beverages make up the base of snake wine and would be the best starting point when officially putting my thoughts on paper.


The focus on snake wine production involves setting our sights on a practice that began thousands of years ago and continues today. It is a practiced that is followed by many people in multiple countries. This examination is important because globally, we have grown to appreciate the relevance of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has become a heavily researched topic. I contend that since it is a subsection of TCM, snake wine deserves more research and insight.

We are uploading the eBook to this website. However, it can also be purchased or previewed for free at our new listing on Amazon. Thank you for your interest and support.


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