Colombo 7 Gin


Unique craft gin from Sri Lanka.


Colombo 7 Gin

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Colombo 7 Gin is made to an original 70-year-old recipe in small batches, in traditional copper pot stills. It enjoys a heavy Sri Lankan influence that includes cinnamon, curry leaves, ginger root and coriander seeds. Ceylon cinnamon is well known globally and it is the addition of this ingredient that makes this gin quite unique. Thus, a gin once considered to be unusual and exotic has become one with a distinct taste that is definitely a must try.

コロンボ・ジンは、いくつかの特殊な材料を加味した本格的なロンドン・ドライ・ジンです。 ジュニパーの味と香りが際立つなか、一連のスパイスが美しく密やかな伴奏を奏で、全体として思いがけないハーモニーが醸し出されます。



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Size & ABV

700ml, 43% ABV


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