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Profile photo of Blue Habu founder

About Us

Okinawa-based import/exporter of alcoholic beverages.

'Blue Habu Trade Group' is a veteran owned business that was established after dreams of starting an import/export business “someday”. Having a strong interest in the alcoholic beverage industry, obtaining a retail license became a top priority. In 2016 we hit the ground running. Fast forward to 2019, cigar import and sales were added to the portfolio. 


Why “Blue Habu”? Habu is a term for a pit viper that is indigenous to the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa). The habu is feared yet respected at the same time. This infamous viper has a long history in Okinawa and has become a staple of the local culture. Indeed, we have a “snake wine” known as habu-shu (aka habu sake) that is quite popular among tourists as well as residents of the islands.


Thus, Blue Habu is an identity that stuck out the most when deciding on a business name. It is connected to Okinawan culture but in a unique way. 


About our logo: In the image displayed below, a snake is gripping a jar. This is a jar of awamori (kusu), which is well-known to be Japan’s oldest distilled spirit. Like the habu, awamori is indigenous to Okinawa and maintains a special grip on our hearts. We are happy to help promote and export this treasure of Ryukyuan culture. 


Let us know how we can best serve you.

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