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The Bloody Mary Cocktail

Updated: Feb 6

When you decide to import vodka, you go out and experiment with different vodka-based drinks. One that has quickly become one of my favorites to pair with Vusa Vodka is the Bloody Mary. This post describes an easy way to make this famous cocktail.

There are many different drinks that you can order from bars and restaurants or even make at home. Some of these drinks are the current favorites with very exotic-sounding names. Others are old-time favorites that people have been drinking for many years. One such classic cocktail is known as the Bloody Mary. This drink is not that difficult to make. The main requirement is to have a suitable recipe.

Nowadays you can get decent Bloody Mary recipes by searching the Internet, or by reading one of the many books that list the various cocktails and recipes. Since this is a famous cocktail, you should be able to find many unique variations in addition to the "normal" recipe. Regardless of the Bloody Mary recipe, it is best to select the best ingredients available. Of course, this depends on your location, time of year, availability, etc.

One thing for certain, by choosing low-quality or relatively unknown ingredients, your Bloody Mary will not be as tasty. Trust me, I speak from experience. I say this because I once used some random tomato juice without tasting it first. The result was a table full of frowned faces. A couple of people may have even called me names behind my back.

Bloody Mary Ingredients

While we are on the subject of ingredients, let's elaborate on the basic necessities. First, you will need Vodka and tomato juice. These are definitely the main items that are needed to get the proper taste that you are after. Next, two popular additions that attribute to the spice and sour taste are Worcestershire sauce and fresh lemon juice. I have also used bitters as a replacement for Worcestershire sauce when I didn't feel like going back outside.

The next set of ingredients that typically go into a Bloody Mary is Tabasco and the garnish(es). Once you have chosen the various items that will give you a great cocktail recipe, you should follow the drink preparation procedure so that your Bloody Mary will taste like pure awesomeness. To avoid ending up with a different drink altogether, it is important to measure the right amounts of each ingredient so that you have an actual Bloody Mary by the time you are finished.

For starters, you will need 60ml of good quality Vodka, 120ml of great tasting tomato juice, 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. The Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces are to be added later, according to your taste. Popular garnish options are fresh celery sticks and/or a lemon wedge.

Building The Drink

To move on to building the Bloody Mary, you will need to combine the Vodka, tomato juice, and fresh lemon juice together over ice in a cocktail shaker. You can also have salt and pepper to taste.

Once all of these items are combined together you will need to shake them vigorously and then strain the mix into a tall glass that is filled with ice cubes. The final step is to garnish your Bloody Mary with the aforementioned celery stick and lemon wedge. Another popular garnish is to line the top of the glass with fine-grained salt prior to building and straining the drink.

This is a simple but effective recipe for a wildly popular drink. It works well but you don't have to take my word for it. Pick up a bottle of Vusa Vodka and experiment for yourself. The sugarcane-based vodka is a great pairing for this classic cocktail. Let me know what you came up with, I will gladly share your success.


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