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Cognac Tastings Feat. Meukow

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The verdict is in! Meukow has some solid Cognacs. This blog post was drafted to illustrate a recent tasting session that featured Meukow ‘Black Panther’ VS, Meukow VSOP and Meukow XO offerings. First off, I’ll quickly admit that I am not a Cognac expert or a professional reviewer. The following post is simply my thoughts on the three brands of Meukow Cognac.

Meukow VS が甘いです。カクテルに合う。

Meukow ‘Black Panther’ VS. First thought – Sweet, fruity flavor. Sipping it straight is pleasant but it is a bit sweet. However, I could see instances where I would reach for the Black Panther, such as mixing a nice cocktail or pairing it with a spicy, flavorful cigar. This Cognac is aged a minimum of 2 years.

Meukow VSOP バランスいい。ストレートでオススメ

Next, I moved to the Meukow VSOP. First thought – This is a well-balanced Cognac that features a nice blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Meukow VSOP is dangerously easy to drink neat. Be careful not to finish the bottle in one sitting! This Cognac is aged a minimum of 4 years.

Meukow XO がスパイシー。ストレートでオススメ

To finish the sampling off, I poured a taste of Meukow XO. First thought – Spicy and bold flavors. Some days the spicy kick is preferred and like the VSOP, this is another Cognac that is pleasant and easy to drink neat. This Cognac is aged a minimum of 10 years.

Overall, the VSOP is my personal favorite of the 3 that I have tasted for this short blog post. I like the balance that is demonstrated, quite tasty. Try it today!


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